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September 15, 2023

How to Use ChatGPT for Creating Presentations?

Guide to creating presentations with ChatGPT

If you’re thinking about using AI for almost everything, why not for making your next presentation?

Unsurprisingly, ChatGPT can be an extremely useful assistant while creating presentations. All you need to ensure is that your ChatGPT prompt is specific, clear, and concise

For the sake of this article, we have considered 3 major scenarios where ChatGPT can assist in creating, refining, and editing presentations. Let’s have a look at them. 

Use case #1: Create a presentation with ChatGPT from scratch

When it comes to creating presentations, you can either have a confirmed title or just an idea. In both scenarios, ChatGPT can help you craft the right slides, title suggestions, and recommend structures. 

You can start your interaction with ChatGPT by using any of the prompt examples given below, as per your need:

  1. Could you help create an 8-slide presentation on <insert your topic/presentation title>?
  2. I'm working on a presentation about <insert your topic>. Could you suggest some compelling titles and draft an outline for the presentation?

Once you have the structure, start generating content for each slide. In most cases, ChatGPT will either give you too little or too much information. Keep asking it to refine the content by sharing your thoughts and feedback. Here are some prompts that can help: 

  1. Could you now start creating content for each slide in bullet points? 
  2. Can you add more context on slide <#>?
  3. Can you find stats that would help add more authenticity to the content?
  4. Can you make the content minimalist and add details in the notes section of each slide?

Use case #2: Create a presentation with ChatGPT by refining existing content

If you have the draft content ready, ChatGPT can help refine and transform it into a presentation. Here are some prompt examples you can start the conversation with: 

  1. I would like to convert this Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. Could you break it down into multiple slides and highlight only the main points? 
  2. I need help converting this blog into presentation slides. Could you analyze the content and highlight the main points to be added to the slides? Also, please update any outdated statistics with recent data. Here is the blog: <Insert blog link or copy-paste the content>
  3. I've drafted some bullet points for my presentation on <presentation title>. Can you help me refine them and create content for the slides?

Use case #3: Refining/Editing pre-existing slides with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool if you have an existing presentation but are looking for refinement. Upload your finished presentation on ChatGPT through the Code Interpreter plugin and ask it for refinement and edits. Here are some prompts: 

  1. Can you go through my presentation and suggest any improvements? 
  2. Can you check if I have covered all likely questions in the FAQ slide of my presentation?
  3. Is the call-to-action in my presentation compelling enough?
  4. Is the quote I've included in the slides relevant and impactful?


10 prompts to refine your presentations

Once you have the draft content ready for the slides, you can further refine the content with prompts such as: 

  1. Can you tell me the main points I need to verbalize via the notes section of each slide?
  2. What other advice do you have to make my presentation more robust?
  3. Do you have any tips for improving the design of the slide <#>? 
  4. I want to make my presentation on <topic> interactive. Can you suggest some quiz questions or polls?
  5. I have some statistics on <topic>. What is the best way to visually present this data, and on which slide should I include it? 
  6. What color scheme and fonts would be best for a presentation on <topic>?
  7. I need to create a timeline slide for my project presentation. What elements should it contain?
  8. I want to include a SWOT analysis slide. Can you help me outline the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats?
  9. I want to include a slide on “Frequently Asked Questions”. Can you help me draft some common questions?
  10. What should I include in a summary slide for a presentation on <topic>?

Automate the slide creation with VBA code

Once you are happy with the content, you can either manually copy-paste the content slide by slide, or use a VBA code to automate the process. Below is a step-by-step guide on creating a VBA code with ChatGPT and executing the code on PowerPoint. 

  1. Automate the presentation with the VBA code: Prompt ChatGPT to create a VBA code that you can use to automate the presentation generation on your MS PowerPoint. Use the prompt such as: Could you create a VBA code for the presentation? 

    a. If you are using Google Slides, then ask ChatGPT to create a code for Google Apps Script. You can further ask it to guide you through the process of running the code through Google Slides. 
    b. In the case of Keynote, you can follow similar instructions for AppleScript. 
    c. Before running the code, ensure that you review the code for accuracy. 
  2. Run VBA code in PowerPoint: Here are the steps to run the code: 

    a. Open PowerPoint and press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor.
    b. Click "Insert" > "Module" to create a new module for your code, and copy-paste the code generated by ChatGPT. 
    c. In case you have a code with image references, you can change the image file location from your local system or the URL of the image. 
    d. Press F5 or click "Run" to execute the VBA code. Save the presentation as a .PPT or .PPTX file.
    e. Once saved as a .PPT file, you can open the created presentation and manually review it for coherence, flow, and visual appeal.
  3. Edit with Designer: You can continue to beautify your presentation using the Designer option of PowerPoint, which suggests a range of templates and images relevant to your content.

Tips to further enhance your experience while creating presentations with ChatGPT

  1. Content quality and integrity: ChatGPT is a powerful tool for rapid content generation, saving time and effort. However, it's crucial to be aware of potential AI biases or similarities with existing content. It would be wise to conduct thorough checks for originality and accuracy, before publicly sharing your presentation. You can use tools like plagiarism checkers for this.
  2. Incorporating Images: While many presentation tools offer built-in stock images, leveraging AI image-generators can provide tailored visuals for your slides. However, always be mindful of copyright restrictions when sourcing images.
  3. Error handling and troubleshooting: If you encounter errors, especially when running VBA code generated by ChatGPT, don't hesitate to seek assistance. ChatGPT can provide troubleshooting tips and solutions to common issues. Remember to backup your work before making significant changes or running new code.
  4. Seamless automation: For those looking to streamline their workflow, consider integrating ChatGPT's API directly with VBA or other scripting languages. This integration can automate content generation and slide creation, making the process even more efficient. However, ensure you have the technical know-how or consult with someone who does, before diving into API integrations.
  5. Audience tailoring: Always keep your target audience in mind. ChatGPT can generate content tailored to particular audiences, whether they're industry professionals, students, or the general public. Specify the audience in your prompts to get the most relevant content.
  6. Practice with ChatGPT: Before you give your actual presentation, use ChatGPT to script potential Q&A scenarios and create responses. This can prepare you for questions your audience might ask.

Although Microsoft is still working on its Copilot project, it is only available to a few enterprises that are participating in the Early Access Program. Until it is available to the public, you can either take advantage of ChatGPT to enhance your presentation-creation process or consider these AI presentation tools available in the market. 

Have you used any AI presentation tools?

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