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November 7, 2023

Master Bing Image Creator & Elevate Designs with Microsoft Designer

Embark on a creative quest with Bing Image Creator, a tool that's poised to be your digital design companion. Powered by the innovative DALL·E 3 model, this platform is a haven for those keen on bringing their visual ideas to life swiftly and proficiently. The allure extends beyond the desktop; whether it's about crafting catchy social media posts, designing compelling presentation visuals, or exploring creative realms, Bing Image Creator is your steadfast companion. Its accessibility right from your browser simplifies the design journey, and its mobile extension through the Bing app makes on-the-go creativity a reality. Just tap on "More Creative," input your prompt, and your design journey begins, no matter where you are.

. . .

Let’s start off with the basics - How do you create the right prompt for image generation? The Bing AI Image Creator simplifies this process for you.

Luckily for you, we’ve tried to create a simple formula:

Create a [Adjective] [Noun] [Verb Phrase] in a/an [locations] in [Artistic Style] style.


  • This is the descriptive term that sets the tone of your image.
  • Examples: Mystical, Vibrant, Serene, Majestic, Quaint, Enchanting, Gritty, Lush, Tranquil, Whimsical, Gloomy, Eerie, Rustic, Sleek, Retro


  • This is the subject or the main focus of your image.
  • Examples: Castle, Forest, Market, Beach, Cityscape, Woman, Lion, Robot, Warrior, Dancer, Explorer, Alien, Ghost, Garden, Vehicle, Mountain, River, Animal, Building, Festival

Verb Phrase:

  • This describes the action or the state in which the noun is depicted.
  • Examples: Bathed in moonlight, Bustling with activity, Reflecting on calm waters, Nestled among trees, Towering over the skyline, Gazing into the distance, Roaming in the wild, Engaged in battle, Dancing in the rain, Exploring ancient ruins, Flying through the clouds


  • (Optional) Specify a setting or background to further contextualize your image.
  • Examples: In a tranquil countryside, Amidst a bustling city, On a serene lake, Against a sunset backdrop, Near a quaint village, In a forgotten realm, On a distant planet, Amidst a fierce battle, In a peaceful garden, In a haunted forest

Artistic Style:

  • This refers to the visual style or technique you want your image to emulate.
  • Examples: In a watercolor style, In a cubist style, In a surreal style, In an impressionist style, In a pop art style, In a realistic style, In a cartoon style, In a digital art style, In a sketch style, In a silhouette style, In a punk rock style

This formula is your toolkit for navigating through Bing Image Creator's capabilities, enabling the creation of precise, high-quality images that resonate with your vision. Whether it's a human, an animal, or a realistic scene, this formula provides the roadmap to articulate your creative thoughts into visual narratives.

A more interactive approach to brainstorming or when in need of inspiration is the 'Surprise Me' button
. Clicking on it generates creative prompts that could help in sparking your imagination, especially useful during brainstorming sessions.

. . .

Visualizing the Formula in Action:

Now that we've captured the formula's essence, let's dive into some prompt ideas and see the kind of images Bing Image Creator can generate.

Prompt: Design a sleek, aerodynamic, futuristic automobile with an integrated, ultra-efficient, solar-hybrid power system, boasting a rapid acceleration feature that propels the car from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking 2 seconds, showcased on a modern, bustling highway amidst other traditional vehicles, illustrating the stark contrast in a vibrant, futuristic style.

Prompt: Create a modern, elegant image of a revolutionary, smart home gardening system that allows urban dwellers to grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables effortlessly in a compact, stylish unit with a built-in, automated watering and nutrient delivery system, showcased in a chic, modern apartment setting in a photorealistic style.

Prompt: Create a mystical, ancient forest where legendary, graceful creatures like unicorns and phoenixes co-exist harmoniously, surrounded by towering, ancient trees with leaves that change colors with the music of the wind, captured in a delicate, ethereal watercolor style.

Prompt: Design a quaint, realistic scene set in a cozy, rustic cafe, where a sophisticated woman and her cat, both donning matching elegant scarves, are engaged in an animated book discussion over steaming cups of coffee. The cat, sitting upright with a book propped open, gestures with a paw as the woman nods thoughtfully, capturing a whimsical yet intimate camaraderie in a photorealistic style.

The community on Bing Image Creator Reddit has been especially vocal about the practical applications and ease of use offered by this AI image creator, further emphasizing its value in creative and professional settings.

However, before using this, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of using Bing image generators.


  • Zero Cost: A boon for small enterprises and individual creators managing a tight budget, delivering quality visuals without a price tag.
  • Speak to Design: Describe your visual idea, and the Microsoft Bing Image Creator brings it to life on the screen with ease, eliminating the need for advanced design skills.
  • In-Browser Convenience: The absence of mandatory downloads and installations expedites the creative process, enabling you to generate designs while you browse.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Now available on mobile devices via the Bing app, this feature enables a smooth creation process anytime, anywhere, without the need for additional downloads.
  • Quick Generation: Speedy creation of high-quality images.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive for both novices and seasoned designers.
  • Creative Freedom: A wide array of styles and settings to explore.
  • Ease of image customization: Save, download, and share your creations, delve deep into customization with Microsoft Designer.


  • Character Limit for Prompts: 480 characters, necessitating concise descriptions.
  • Gallery Gaps: A limited gallery compared to other platforms.
  • Solo Play: The journey with Bing Image Creator AI is more solitary than collaborative owing to the lack of team collaboration features.
  • Windows-Centric: The experience is optimized for a Windows environment, which may present a hurdle for Mac enthusiasts.
  • Restricted Content: Certain restrictions apply to the type of content that can be generated:
  • Creating images of celebrities is restricted to respect privacy and consent norms.
  • Generating images showcasing sensitive themes like violence or sexual content is barred to ensure a safe user environment.
  • Crafting images of copyrighted material like cartoon characters or logos is off-limits to honor intellectual property rights.
. . .

What are “Boosts” and why should you know about them?

Boosts are your creative accelerants for swift image generation. As a newbie, you get 25 “boosted generations” to kickstart your Bing Image Creator journey. Utilize them judiciously when time is of the essence or you’re after top-tier visuals. And the fun part? You can earn more through Microsoft rewards.

Transition to Microsoft Designer

Once you have crafted your image on Bing Image Creator, click on Customize and the journey of customization continues on Microsoft Designer. This robust platform allows you to delve deeper into refining your creations.

Microsoft Designer is not just a tool, but a playground for your creativity. It amplifies the visual narrative you initiated on Bing Image Creator, providing a canvas for further exploration and refinement.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do:

  • Save, Download, and Share: Preserve your creations, share them with the world, or keep them on your device for future use.
  • Color Tuning: Play with colors, adjust hues, saturation, and brightness to get the desired mood and aesthetic.
  • Expressive Text Overlays: Add textual elements to your images. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and styles to convey your message effectively.
  • Blending and Merging Images: Combine different images, blend them seamlessly to create unique compositions. Experiment with different blending modes to achieve a variety of effects.
  • Layer Management: Organize your design elements with ease. Rearrange layers, adjust transparency, and maintain a clear workflow as you refine your image.
  • Precision Editing: Fine-tune your images with a suite of editing tools. Crop, resize, rotate, and adjust alignment to get the perfect frame.
  • Filter Application: Apply filters to enhance or alter the visual appeal of your images. From vintage to modern, explore a plethora of filter options.
  • Vector Graphics: Incorporate vector graphics to maintain a sharp, clean look, no matter the size of your design.
  • Asset Library: Access a rich library of assets including icons, shapes, and illustrations to embellish your designs.
. . .

What are the use-cases of the Bing Image Creator?

The Bing Image Creator isn’t just a whimsical tool, it’s a resourceful ally in various professional realms too. Here are a few scenarios where Bing Image Creator shines:

  • Logo Design: Crafting a unique identity for your brand or project is effortless. Just describe your vision, and watch it take shape.
Design a sleek, modern logo for a vibrant, eco-friendly urban farming company named 'GreenScape Urban' in a minimalist style.

  • Product Images: Whether it's showcasing your product in various settings or creating engaging imagery for marketing campaigns, Bing has you covered.
Create a sleek, modern image of a cutting-edge, stainless steel espresso machine amidst a cozy, rustic kitchen setting, with a fresh, steaming cup of espresso poised elegantly on the drip tray, captured in early morning sunlight filtering through a nearby window in a photorealistic style.

  • Storyboarding: Planning an advertising campaign or a video? Quickly sketch out your ideas to visualize the narrative.
Craft a dynamic, action-packed scene of a futuristic, bustling city with towering, sleek skyscrapers, where a group of diverse, charismatic individuals are racing through the urban maze on high-tech, hoverboards, each person sporting stylish, cutting-edge athletic wear from 'FutureFit'—a brand known for merging technology with fashion—in a bold, graphic novel style.

  • Editing Existing Photos: While Bing Image Creator is more about generating new images from descriptions, the transition to Microsoft Designer provides a platform where you can edit and enhance existing photos, blending them with your AI-generated imagery for a more tailored finish.
. . .

Final Wisdom:

  • Precision lies in the details. Employ natural language prompts for on-point results.
  • Dabble in different artistic styles.
  • Harness the power of boosts for quick image generation.
  • Post-creation, transition your image into Microsoft Designer for a personalized design spin.

Questions or unique prompts on your mind? Share them away! Your journey from an AI amateur to a Bing Image Creator pro is just a read away. Step into the realm of boundless creativity and let your imagination run wild!

The best AI image creator tools like Bing Image Creator AI offer an impressive blend of accessibility and sophistication, opening up a world of possibilities for design enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you're discussing on Bing Image Creator Reddit threads or just experimenting with the tool, the potential for innovation is immense. So dive into the Bing Image Creator experience and unleash the power of AI in your designs!

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