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Socio-economic Impact

Explore quotes on AI and the potential of advanced technology to reshape our societal landscape.

AI will create a lot of new jobs but you won’t be able to take the current people and put them in these jobs unless governments and companies partner together on reskilling.

Julie Sweet

It is true that becouse of AI millions of jobs are going to be lost and millions of jobs are going to be created, the augmentation side is the transformation side.

Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo

The main lesson of thirty-five years of AI research is that the hard problems are easy and the easy problems are hard. The mental abilities of a four-year-old that we take for granted – recognizing a face, lifting a pencil, walking across a room, answering a question – in fact solve some of the hardest engineering problems ever conceived…. As the new generation of intelligent devices appears, it will be the stock analysts and petrochemical engineers and parole board members who are in danger of being replaced by machines. The gardeners, receptionists, and cooks are secure in their jobs for decades to come.

Steven Pinker

‘AI IS THE NEW ELECTRICITY’, Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI will transform in the next several years.

Andrew Ng

We have a new study that shows that 40% of the global workforce is exposed to AI – that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

Gita Gopinath

AI is fundamentally an applied technology that's going to serve our society. Humanistic AI not only raises the awareness of the importance of the technology. It's a really important way to attract diverse students, technologists, and innovators to participate.


AI will take many single-task, single-domain jobs away. You can argue that humans have abilities that AI does not: We can conceptualize, strategize, create. Whereas today's AI is just a really smart pattern recognizer that can take in data [and] optimize. But how many jobs in the world are simple repetitions of tasks that can be optimized?


The promise of artificial intelligence and computer science generally vastly outweighs the impact it could have on some jobs in the same way that, while the invention of the airplane negatively affected the railroad industry, it opened a much wider door to human progress.

Paul Allen

It has happened before; every technology revolution has led to loss of jobs. But new jobs get created, and there will be many new jobs created as part of this AI revolution.

Raj Mukherjee

If we want to see technology reflect all of us and be made by all of us, we have to make AI diverse.

Fei-Fei Li

It’s natural to wonder if there will be a jobless future or not. What we’ve concluded, based on much research, is that there will be jobs lost, but also gained, and changed. The number of jobs gained and changed is going to be a much larger number, so if you ask me if I worry about a jobless future, I actually don’t. That’s the least of my worries.

James Manyika

Artificial intelligence is here and being rapidly commercialized, with new applications being created not just for manufacturing but also for energy, healthcare, and oil and gas. This will change how we all do business.

Joe Kaeser

There are lots of examples of routine, middle-skilled jobs that involve relatively structured tasks, and those are the jobs that are being eliminated the fastest. Those kinds of jobs are easier for our friends in the artificial intelligence community to design robots to handle them. They could be software robots; they could be physical robots.

Erik Brynjolfsson

AI will be the most transformative technology of the 21st century. It will affect every industry and aspect of our lives.

Jensen Huang

Today's dynamic technology and business landscape means every developer needs to be an AI developer. The innovations we're launching at SAP are supporting the developers at the heart of the AI revolution and providing them with resources they need to transform the way businesses run.

Juergen Mueller

If you’re interested in creating an AI ethics framework for your company.

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Policy and Regular Needs

Mitigating AI risks and building effective policies – leading voices share their insights in these quotes on AI.

A third of humanity is going to go to the polls in one way or the other this year. The advent of this [generative AI] technology will lead to amazing things but will also be a tool that will be in the hands of bad actors.

Neal Mohan

AI has the potential to be the great equaliser. We have opportunities ahead of us to address pain points (in healthcare and climate) and to address the sustainable development goals.

Ruth Parot

Forget artificial intelligence – in the brave new world of big data, it’s artificial idiocy we should be looking out for.

Tom Chatfield

Combined with edge computing and big data, as well as the ability to harness the enhanced connectivity of 5G, AI will bring each aspect of our lives into a seamless connected experience. Your home will know what kind of day you had in the office and will roll out the welcome mat by preparing the perfect environment for when you walk in the door.

Jo Seong-jin

We need governments urgently to work with tech companies on risk management frameworks for current AI development, and on monitoring and mitigating future harms. And we need a systematic effort to increase access to AI so that developing economies can benefit from its enormous potential. We need to bridge the digital divide instead of deepening it.

António Guterres

What all of us have to do is to make sure we are using AI in a way that is for the benefit of humanity, not to the detriment of humanity.

Tim Cook

The future of consumer goods is CRM + AI + Data + Trust. You can’t think about these things in a silo and you can’t think about them as separate investments. All of them work together in a continuous loop to help you unlock the step change and amazing transformation ahead of you.

Najah Phillips

AI is a very significant opportunity – if used in a responsible way.

Ursula von der Leyen

I’ve long believed that AI won’t just enhance the way we live, but transform it fundamentally. … AI is placing tools of unprecedented power, flexibility, and even personalisation into everyone’s hands, requiring little more than natural language to operate. They’ll assist us in many parts of our lives, taking on the role of superpowered collaborators.

Silvio Savarese

Every team in your organisation is looking to the IT team to help them deliver AI powered experiences. And I know we don’t want to admit it, but IT doesn’t have all the answers. Because AI isn’t as easy as just turning it on. Delivering great AI experiences requires time, expertise and data.

Ahyoung An

The playing field is poised to become a lot more competitive, and businesses that don’t deploy AI and data to help them innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage.

Paul Daugherty

Artificial intelligence is just a new tool, one that can be used for good and for bad purposes and one that comes with new dangers and downsides as well. We know already that although machine learning has huge potential, data sets with ingrained biases will produce biased results – garbage in, garbage out.

Sarah Jeong

2023 has been an incredible year of innovation. We’re inspired to see how customers and developers are already leveraging AI to do things they couldn’t before. I’m excited for the opportunities it will create in 2024 and thankful for our Google Cloud team leading the way.

Thomas Kurian

AI will change the way we work and run our businesses in the same way that the introduction of the internet did. AI decision-making in particular has the potential to raise global economic output, and is projected to add a staggering USD 13 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Richard Potter

AI and machine learning are transforming the way organizations analyze and derive insights from data. By leveraging Snowflake's cloud data platform, companies can unlock the full potential of their data to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Frank Slootman

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Impact on Industries and Technology Development

AI integration is rapidly driving technological advancements - Discover AI quotes on how leaders envision the future of industry.

Artificial intelligence holds immense promise for tackling some of society's most pressing challenges, from climate change to healthcare disparities. Let's leverage AI responsibly to create a more equitable world.

Katherine Gorman

While the science-fiction discussions about AI and superintelligence are fun, they are a distraction. There's not been enough focus on the real problem, which is building planetary-scale machine learning–based systems that actually work, deliver value to humans, and do not amplify inequities.


I’m more frightened than interested by artificial intelligence – in fact, perhaps fright and interest are not far away from one another. Things can become real in your mind, you can be tricked, and you believe things you wouldn’t ordinarily. A world run by automatons doesn’t seem completely unrealistic anymore. It’s a bit chilling.

Gemma Whelan

A baby learns to crawl, walk and then run. We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning.

Dave Waters

AI is amongst the key technologies of our time and will have a lasting impact on society, economies and politics and an important role to play in tackling the global challenges we face.

Alexandre Fasel

If you had all of the world’s information directly attached to your brain, or an artificial brain that was smarter than your brain, you’d be better off.

Sergey Brin

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, as a dominant discipline within AI, is an amazing tool. In and of itself, it’s not good or bad. It’s not a magic solution. It isn’t the core of the problems in the world.

Vivienne Ming

AI is a mirror, reflecting not only our intellect, but our values and fears.

Ravi Narayanan

In the past, Apple has not been at the vanguard of machine learning and cutting edge artificial intelligence work, but that is rapidly changing, they are after the best and the brightest, just like everybody else.

Oren Etzioni

People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they’re too stupid and they’ve already taken over the world.

Pedro Domingos

Artificial intelligence has done well in tightly constrained domains. Winograd, for example, astonished everyone with the expertise of his blocks-world natural language. Extending this kind of ability to larger worlds has not proved straightforward, however…The time has come to treat the problems involved as central issues.

Patrick H. Winston

What I see is an AI first world, and for every customer… to be able to get a whole another generation of productivity out of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Marc Benioff

AI is an engineering discipline built on an unfinished science.

Matt Ginsberg

In a way, AI is both closer and farther off than we imagine. AI is closer to being able to do more powerful things than most people expect — driving cars, curing diseases, discovering planets, understanding media. Those will each have a great impact on the world, but we’re still figuring out what real intelligence is.

Mark Zuckerberg

The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

If you don’t have an AI strategy, you are going to die in the world that’s coming.

Devin Wenig

AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.

Sundar Pichai

I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never thought of.

Mark Cuban

AI can be our friend.

Bill Gates

Bridging the digital divide through AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies will help all Americans benefit from the digital revolution, regardless of who they are or where they live. That is something every citizen can appreciate.

Ajit Pai

Digital workplace leaders will proactively implement AI-based technologies such as virtual assistants or other NLP-based conversational agents and robots to support and augment employees’ tasks and productivity. However, the AI agents must be properly monitored to prevent digital harassment and frustrating user experiences.

Helen Poitevin

AI is good at describing the world as it is today with all of its biases, but it does not know how the world should be.

Joanne Chen

Firms will address the pragmatic side of AI now that they have a better understanding of the challenges and embrace the idea that ‘no pain means no AI gain.’ The AI reality is here. Firms are starting to recognize what it is and isn’t…and they are seeing the real challenges of AI versus what they assumed the challenges would be.

Michele Goetz

The beautiful thing about AI and robotics is that you're never done.


What's missing is a principle that would allow our machine to learn how the world works by observation and by interaction with the world. A learning predictive world model is what we're missing today, and in my opinion is the biggest obstacle to significant progress in AI.


Dig into every industry, and you'll find AI changing the nature of work.


Machine learning allows us to build software solutions that exceed human understanding and shows us how AI can innervate every industry.

Steve Jurvetson

I would argue that in the long-term, failure to embrace and utilize AI may result in a lawyer not being the best and most competent advocate for their client.

Michael Semanchik

The world of enterprise software is going to get completely rewired. Companies with untrustworthy AI will not do well in the market.

Abhay Parasnis

When deploying AI, whether you focus on top-line growth or bottom-line profitability, start with the customer and work backward.

Rob Garf

I think people need to understand that deep learning is making a lot of things, behind-the-scenes, much better. Deep learning is already working in Google search, and in image search; it allows you to image search a term like “hug.”

Geoffrey Hinton

We have some catching up to do in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Klaus Froehlich

The future of artificial intelligence is not about man versus machine, but rather man with machine. Together, we can achieve unimaginable heights of innovation and progress.

Fei-Fei Li

AI and automation are not just tools in their toolbox; they are truly change enablers. They empower you to innovate, adapt quicker than ever, and grow. To dream bigger.

Rob Enslin

AI has the power to unlock unprecedented productivity and innovation across all industries. At UiPath, we believe in democratizing access to AI, making it accessible and easy to use for everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

Param Kahlon

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur within three years.

Mark Cuban

This next generation of AI will reshape every software category and every business, including our own. Although this new era promises great opportunity, it demands even greater responsibility from companies like ours.

Satya Nadella

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General Observations About AI

Explore AI quotes on the evolving landscape of human-technology relations and what it means for us all.

By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

When people think about job losses due to AI, the risk isn't people losing their job to AI. It's losing their job to somebody else who knows how to use AI. That is going to be a much greater displacement.

Hadi Partovi

What people call #AI is no more than finding answers to questions we know to ask. Real #AI is answering questions we haven’t dreamed of yet.

Tom Golway

AI is everywhere, it seems omnipotent, but people are still taking time to get used to it. Like other technologies, AI is a double-edged sword.

Li Qiang

It no longer requires a multi-million dollar budget to get AI going in your company. It represents an opportunity to level the playing field for smaller companies.

Nichole Jordan

Technology is going to disrupt the future of work, perhaps sooner than we thought. We are exploring everything from AI to VR, but we see no substitute to our stores and our employees. We focus on building talent and personal service.

Brian Cornell

We need to think about how to steer AI. How do we transform today's buggy and hackable AI systems into systems we can really trust and make sure they really do what we intend them to do? How do we teach machines to understand our goals, adopt our goals, and retain our goals?


In terms of how much progress we've made in this work over the last two decades: I don't think we're anywhere close today to the level of intelligence of a two-year-old child. But maybe we have algorithms that are equivalent to lower animals for perception.


It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of these industries.

Andrew Ng

I think maybe there's a 10 to 20% chance of AI takeover [with] many, most humans dead.

Paul Christiano

Is it perfect? No. Is it as good as my executive team? No. Is it really, really valuable, so valuable that I talk to ChatGPT every single day? Yes.

Jeff Maggioncalda

I think AI is going to be the greatest force for economic empowerment and a lot of people getting rich we have ever seen.

Sam Altman

It’s not about displacing humans, it’s about humanising the digital experience.

Rob Garf

We see the wave coming. Now this time next year, every company has to implement it — not even have a strategy. Implement it.

Emad Mostaque

I have not seen this level of engagement and excitement from customers, probably since the very, very early days of cloud computing.

Dr. Matt Wood

Artificial intelligence has the potential to democratize access to education, healthcare and economic opportunities. Let's strive to make AI technology accessible and beneficial for all.

Rana el Kaliouby

Is AI a double-edged sword? Explore the ethical considerations of AI technology.

AI Ethics - Why is it Important and What are the Pain Points?

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Future Projections and Potential

AI integration is rapIs AI a foe or a friend? See a range of AI quotes discussing the future of artificial intelligence in society.idly driving technological advancements - Discover AI quotes on how leaders envision the future of industry.

The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.

Jean Baudrillard

The real question is, when will we draft an artificial intelligence bill of rights? What will that consist of? And who will get to decide that?

Gray Scott

Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources.

Alain Dehaze

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I am rooting for the machines.

Claude Shannon

Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver.

Diane Ackerman

If people trust artificial intelligence (AI) to drive a car, people will most likely trust AI to do your job.

Dave Waters

Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?

Steve Polyak

Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.

Sebastian Thrun

Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.

Alan Kay

The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.

Jeff Hawkins

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race…. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.

Stephen Hawking

If the government regulates against use of drones or stem cells or artificial intelligence, all that means is that the work and the research leave the borders of that country and go someplace else.

Peter Diamandis

We must address, individually and collectively, moral and ethical issues raised by cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, which will enable significant life extension, designer babies, and memory extraction.

Klaus Schwab

Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on.

Larry Page

What we should more concerned about is not necessarily the exponential change in artificial intelligence or robotics, but about the stagnant response in human intelligence.


A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.

Alan Perlis

I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. I mean with artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon.

Elon Musk

There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035.

Gray Scott

If we can make computers more intelligent – and I want to be careful of AI hype – and understand the world and the environment better, it can make life so much better for many of us. Just as the Industrial Revolution freed up a lot of humanity from physical drudgery I think AI has the potential to free up humanity from a lot of the mental drudgery.

Andrew Ng

The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I’m not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast-it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year timeframe. 10 years at most.

Elon Musk

I don’t want to really scare you, but it was alarming how many people I talked to who are highly placed people in AI who have retreats that are sort of ‘bug out’ houses, to which they could flee if it all hits the fan.

James Barrat

This is not going to be less people in IT. I frankly believe there will actually be more people in IT, but more people in IT working on a different set of tasks…Everyone needs a boss, including bots.

Mark Hurd

Those who argue that the risk from AI is negligible have failed to explain why superintelligent AI systems will necessarily remain under human control; and they have not even tried to explain why superintelligent AI systems will never be developed.


General intelligence doesn't mean you have to understand humans. There will be a lot of intelligent machines that don't need to know that stuff. [Take the] example of robotic construction workers on Mars: I don't think they need to understand human emotions and human desires to be able to construct things.


It's going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.

Colin Angle

Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we'll augment our intelligence.

Ginni Rometty

Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.

Stephen Hawking

AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'll be great companies.

Sam Altman

Artificial intelligence and generative AI may be the most important technology of any lifetime.

Marc Benioff

There are a lot of weapons that we’ve developed which we’ve pulled back from – biological weapons, chemical weapons, etc. This may be the case with armed autonomous robotics, where we ultimately pull back from them.

Peter Singer

Responsible AI is not just about liability—it’s about ensuring what you are building is enabling human flourishing.

Rumman Chowdhury

Along with Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, these companies are in a race to become our ‘personal assistant.’ They want to wake us in the morning, have their artificial intelligence software guide us through our days, and never quite leave our sides.

Franklin Foer

I predict that, because of artificial intelligence and its ability to automate certain tasks that in the past were impossible to automate, not only will we have a much wealthier civilization, but the quality of work will go up very significantly and a higher fraction of people will have callings and careers relative to today.

Jeff Bezos

Humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial intelligence.

Bill Gates

Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.

Nick Bostrom

Artificial intelligence is not just about efficiency gains, it’s about opening up new possibilities, unlocking human potential and solving some of society’s biggest challenges.

Yoshua Bengio

As artificial intelligence evolves, we must remember that its power lies not in replacing human intelligence, but in augmenting it. The true potential of AI lies in its ability to amplify human creativity and ingenuity.

Ginni Rometty

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.

Ray Kurzweil

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